Camping For Kids

  • Be A Champ At Camping Safety
    Lewis First, MD, pediatrician at Vermont Children's Hospital, offers tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable family camping trip.
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  • Camping Safety Tips For Kids
    These camping safety tips for kids teach vital skills to have while hiking in the wilderness. Learn more about camping safety tips for kids.
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  • Poisonous Plants - Kids Corner
    Learn how to identify and AVOID poison ivy, poison oak, and stinging nettles. Learn what to do if you happen to find yourself smack in the middle of these nasty plants.
    Poisonous Plants - Kids Corner
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  • How To Teach Young Children To Use The Compass
    Teach young children to use a compass by first explaining what a compass is used for and showing them the four basic geographic directions.
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  • How To Build A Campfire
    There's nothing quite like a campfire to make your adventure complete. Learn the rules and get tips on building a perfect (and safe) campfire.
    How To Build A Campfire
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  • How To Set Up A Campsite
    Make you follow these helpful tips for setting up a camp ground! Love this video!
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  • 10 Things To Do On Your Next Camping Trip | Family Camping
    Are you worried about running out of things to do on your next camping trip? Here are 10 fun ways to pass the time.
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Description: Here are some fun activities that you can do on your family camping trip. There are also some really helpful safety tips!

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