College Life At Northwestern

  • Welcome To Northwestern!
    Welcome to Northwestern! You’re in for an incredible four years here. You can look forward to exceptional academic opportunities, a beautiful Evanston lakefront campus, a collaborative community, and lifelong friendships.
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  • Top Ten Most Important Places To Know On Campus
    Get to know the essential buildings and meeting places that you'll need to visit throughout your time at Northwestern Access the map anytime at
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  • College Packing List - Your NU College Checklist
    What should I bring to college? What items will I need to take to college? CollegePackingList's college checklist has your answer! Use this tool to create a customized packing and shopping list.
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  • Find Classes You'll Love
    Learning how to use CAESAR for managing your NU courses can seem overwhelming at first. Fear not! This video takes you through exactly how to use CAESAR for finding classes, and evaluating them using CTECS. Access CAESAR anytime at
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  • Save On NU Textbooks
    Find your Northwestern University textbooks by comparing the Northwestern Bookstore's prices against real-time prices of online used book and rental websites, plus a free Facebook student exchange.
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  • Learning CAESAR Part 2: Enrolling In Classes And Managing Your Schedule
    Jeff's back in part 2 to show you how to enroll for classes, and how to manage your schedule on CAESAR. Access CAESAR anytime at
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  • NU Shuttle System
    Use Northwestern's convenient shuttle system to get around campus, into downtown Evanston, or even visit Chicago! Use the Campus Loop and Ryan Field Shuttles to zoom around campus easily! The Intercampus and Chicago Express is great for getting into Chicago quickly! Hop on the Evanston Loop to access all that downtown Evanston has to offer!
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  • Get Downtown With The 'L'
    An intro to getting downtown and back using Chicago's 'L'. Here's a link to the 'L' map that I used in the video: Also check this link out for the purple line schedule:
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  • SafeRide
    An alternative to NU Shuttles, SafeRide is a great way to get home safely at night for free. SafeRide drivers provide rides to and from destinations in and around Northwestern's Evanston campus. SafeRide is available from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am seven days a week during the academic year when classes are in session.
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  • Enjoy Your Time Here!
    Hopefully, this playlist will have helped you navigate through the first few days of Northwestern. Enjoy your time here! It is a great school and you will have a blast! Congratulations! You are now officially a Wildcat! (Here is a video to help you learn the words to Go U Northwestern, the primary fight song for the Northwestern University Wildcats. Sing it loud, with pride, as Northwestern takes the field, after every score, and after every Wildcat victory!)
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Description: Welcome to NU incoming freshman! This playlist of articles and videos will give you everything you need to get quickly acclimated to your new life at college. We're excited to have you as part of the Northwestern family, and look forward to all the amazing things you will contribute to our community!

Comments (3)


Cody Stanley

December 10, 2011


Great summary of college life at Northwestern and how to take full advantage of your college experience in Evanston and near-by Chicago. Wish I had this my freshman year!

Jeff Eiden

July 8, 2011

Great video

This video paints a great picture of the Northwestern experience socially and academically. These past four years at NU were truly the best four years of my life. This playlist will help ease your transition to college life at NU and take advantage of all the amenities NU has to offer making your NU experience the best it can be.

Charles Perry Charles Perry

July 8, 2011

Highly recommend these tips

I highly recommend following Jeff's steps and using CTEC to decide which courses may fulfill your interests and suit your strengths. These are very helpful, honest (sometimes brutally honest) evaluations of courses and professors from real students that have taken the class. I would not enroll in a class without checking CTEC first to see the style of the course and professor and whether it is a test or paper-oriented class. That way, there are no surprises going into a course and you are as prepared as possible. It also doesn't hurt to talk to as many (non-doofus) upperclassmen as you can when picking classes and using their experiences to your benefit.

**Make sure to evaluate all of your courses on CTEC each quarter; otherwise you will not be able to view the evaluations by other students.


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