Decorating Your Dining Space

  • Get Inspiration For Your Dining Room
    Get inspiration with these samples of dining rooms. Remember to think of what is your main goal of the room, typical party size, theme you want, etc when planning. There are many options.
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  • Build A Better Dining Space
    Thanksgiving feasts. Late-night study sessions. Finger paints and scrapbooking. A great dining table can become the heart of your home. That's why we make sure ours strike the perfect balance of beauty and durability.
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  • Tables For Your Dining Room
    Options here of different tables to start your Dining Room decorating.
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  • Chairs For Your Dining Room
    Great ideas to keep you Dining Room chairs simple or unique to your room design.
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  • Benches For Your Dining Room
    Try something different to your Dining Room - save space and add character. Benches!
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  • Linear Storage For Your Dining Room
    Storage options for your Dining Room. Linear's many options make it a simple solution for almost any space.
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  • Start Creating Your Linear Cabinet
    Start designing and creating your linear cabinet here.
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  • Illuminate Your Dining Space
    Pendant lighting puts the focus where it belongs: on a delicious meal and on your dinner companions. Table lamps placed on nearby storage pieces in addition to pendant lighting add further warmth and intimacy to your dining experience.
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  • Create A Modern Frame Wall
    Room & Board interior design experts show you some easy techniques for hanging picture frames on a wall.
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  • Frame Wall Guide
    This is a PDF that will help you with your Frame Wall designs.
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  • Sign Up To Receive The Latest Design Tip Emails
    Join our e-mail list and learn about new products, design tips and special events.
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Description: With dinner parties on the rise, check out this learning playlist showing how to decorate your dining space. Tricks and tips from Room and Board website.

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