From The Barrio To The Board Room

  • The End Result
    A student explains how he was was Impacted by From the Barrio to the Board Room
    The End Result
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  • Robert Renteria Cleans Up Kids' Acts
    Being dealt a bad hand doesn't always mean missing the jackpot.
    Robert Renteria Cleans Up Kids' Acts
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  • In The School
    A look into the school and how in the Barrio affect the youth.
    In The School
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  • From The Barrio On WGN
    “Robert Renteria’s story needs to be heard. Young people are living in neighborhoods with more violence than ever before and gangs have become a routine part of the environment. For some of our young people, survival is all they know. We have to show them that there is more. We have to encourage them to look beyond, and have a sense of the future and look to where they want to be 10 or 20 years from now. Robert clearly illustrates that life is full of choices, and the choices you make will determine which way you go.”
    From The Barrio On WGN
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  • About The Book
    The Story/ Sample Chapter for the book Several years ago, a young man approached Robert and wanted to know the secret to getting himself a phat? ride like Robert's new Mercedes. When Robert told him the secret was hard work, the boy listened. At that moment, Robert realized that countless children, teenagers, and adults are walking around "lost in a culture of darkness? and he needed to do something about it. In this card you will find a sample chapter from the book From the Barrio to the Boardroom. Do you know someone who can benefit from the book?
    About The Book
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  • Curriculum: From The Barrio To The Board Room
    The From the Barrio Foundation is currently implementing From the Barrio to the Classroom in Chicago Public Schools and schools and youth prisons around the country. Here is some information on the Curriculum also testimonials from students and others that where impacted by the program Pleas contact us at 312-933-5619 if you have any questions!
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Description: The From the Barrio to The Board Room is a non-profit with a strong mission laid out here in this learning playlist. Please learn more.

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