Google Docs: Page Settings And Printing

  • Print And Print Preview
    Sometimes it's useful to have a hard copy of a document, like if you need to hand in a report to your manager or teacher.
    Print And Print Preview
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  • Page Setup
    With Google documents, you can have full control of the location of your text. The ruler at the top of the document editing space is the starting point to control where your text appears.
    Page Setup
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  • Pagination And Page Breaks
    You can view your document in two different formats: Paginated view and Compact view. With these two views, you can have a better idea of what your document will look like when it’s printed out.
    Pagination And Page Breaks
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  • Page Numbers And Page Count
    If you'd like to add page numbers to a document, click the Insert menu and mouse over Page number.
    Page Numbers And Page Count
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Description: Learn how to configure page settings and print.

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