Healthy Eating

  • Good Carbs, Bad Carbs
    Good carbs and bad carbs explored, also covers the glycemic index or GI and how it affects you.
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  • Eat Larger Meals Early In The Day
    Your metabolism slows down towards the end of the evening and is less efficient at digesting foods.
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  • Healthy Eating: Quick And Easy Low Calorie Snacks
    Healthy eating includes the addition of quick healthy snacks, like vegetables and fruits, which can energize your body while satisfying hunger pains.
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  • Make Eating Fun!
    Avoiding simple carbs and fatty foods doesn't need to be boring. Have fun not only with the food, but with the meal.
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  • Don't Skip Breakfast!
    Many people do because they don't feel they need to eat breakfast, or they just don't feel hungry first thing in the morning. Research shows that people who skip breakfast are usually fatter than those who eat a well balanced breakfast.
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  • Buy Non-Fat Or Reduced Fat Foods
    This is done not to avoid getting fat, because eating fat will not make you fat. And it's not about eating fewer calories. It's about control.
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  • Temptation
    If you feel tempted to eat fatty snacks, like chips, once you start eating the bag, it's going to be easy to give in.
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  • Workout Decoder: Is Yours Right For You?
    Workout Decoder: Is Yours Right For You?. The fitness industry today is flooded with different workouts. The fitness programs in magazines, on late night infomercials and on many popular websites can be confusing because you don't know where to start.
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  • Next Step - List Of Workouts
    After you have healthy eating down, follow these links to all you need to know for starting your workout routine. Healthy eating... then time to start working out!
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Description: Step by step way to see how to eat health. Tips and Tricks that are important.

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Krystal Marquez Krystal Marquez

January 13, 2011

Great for after the Holidays

This was very helpful to go over, now that the Holidays are over! The playlist gave me new ideas and reminded me of ones I all ready knew. Like don?t skip breakfast!!

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