• Insulate Your Attic
    Properly insulating and air sealing your attic will help reduce your energy bills. Attics are often one of the easiest places in a house to insulate.
    Insulate Your Attic
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  • Plant Some Trees
    Landscaping enhances your home, not only by improving its appearance and creating useful outdoor spaces, but also by helping to maintain comfortable indoor living spaces. Careful selection, placement, planting, and care of trees, shrubs, and vines can help you reduce your energy costs.
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  • Replace Windows
    Adding new energy-efficient windows can pay off at resale, as well as boost your energy savings--$126-$465 annually--if you choose the right ones.
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  • Replace Light Bulbs
    Replace your incandescent light bulbs with a CFL or LED light and reduce energy use by 75% and up to $40 in electricity costs over its lifetime.
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  • Adjust Your Thermostat
    Adjusting your thermostat is an easy way to reduce energy usage while staying comfortable.
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  • Adjust Your Water Heater
    View these steps to adjust your water heater temperature to save energy and money.
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  • Replace Your Furnace
    Save up to $500 by upgrading an old inefficient furnace to an Energy Star model. Take advantage of 2011 tax credits for energy efficient furnaces, or wait for new Energy Star standards in 2012.
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  • Tax Credits For Energy Efficiency
    Don't forget you can get money back in the form of tax credits when you spend money on energy efficient upgrades.
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Description: This Learning Playlist outlines some tips for how to make your home more energy efficient.

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Kristin MMarie Kristin MMarie

October 30

Never knew, or realized! :)

Never knew or I guess realized how much it does change your electric bill to turn down the temp when not "in need" of it. I will try to make more of an effort now to pay close attention to what temp it is.

Vince Leung Vince Leung

September 30

Being aware is the biggest thing we all need to understand!

Most people are just not aware or hear stories that things are one way and they are not. This playlist gives some helpful hints to lowers costs and energy in your home. I think two tops ways shown in this playlist are #1 way is to adjust lightbulbs and #2 is to turn down the thermostat. One thing there needs to be more information on are tax cuts based around energy efficiency. Do people know about the tax cuts? There needs to be more awareness/content on this topic.

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