How To Bat In Softball

  • Softball Batting Techniques
    In softball, batting starts with an athletic stance in which the bat is held near the shoulders, and the elbow is left in a comfortable position.
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  • How To Hold A Softball Bat
    When holding a softball bat, make sure to grip it with the fingers, and avoid pushing the bat back into the palms.
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  • Hitting Weight Shift
    Demonstrates a weight shift drill for hitting in Softball.
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  • How To Increase Power By Staying Loose
    Softball hitting tips on how to increase hitting power by staying loose at the plate.
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  • How To Generate More Bat Speed
    Great drill to generate more bat speed.
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Description: Have you always wondered how to hit properly in the game of softball? Here is the playlist that takes you through how to hit in softball.

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Tom Downey

October 30, 2011

Staying loose.

Staying loose is very good advice. Even in a golf swing the pros waggle the club to stay loose so why wouldn't you in softball?


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