How To Be An Entrepreneur

  • Should You Really Be A Startup Entrepreneur?
    Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Mark Suster, a 2x entrepreneur who has gone to the Dark Side of VC. He started his first company in 1999 and was headquartered in London, leaving in 2005 and selling to a publicly traded French services company. He founded his second company in Palo Alto in 2005 and sold this company to, becoming VP of Product Management. He joined GRP Partners in 2007 as a General Partner focusing on early-stage technology companies. Read more about Suster at Bothsidesofthetable and on Twitter at @msuster.
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  • Leon Chism - \"It's Not Just A Job, It's A Way Of Life\" On Vimeo
    Abstract: The pace of change and advancement in technology and business is accelerating at an ever increasing pace and startups are often on the edge of that process, pushing it forward and incorporating new understanding as quickly as possible. Recent...
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  • Sustainability Checklist For Entrepreneurs
    So you call yourself an entrepreneur. Here is a blog from MentorMob's own, Vince Leung, going through the sustainability checklist for all entrepreneurs.
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  • Founder Stories - Stack Exchange CEO Joel Spolsky On When To Take VC Cash
    Today, Stack Overflow founder Joel Spolsky announced that he raised another $12 million in venture capital and that he is changing the name of his company to Stack Exchange. He also happens to be our next guest on Founder Stories, the TCTV show where angel investor and Hunch co-founder Chris Dixon talks shop with other founders. (Disclosure: Dixon is also an investor in Stack Exchange). The interview was taped before this announcement, but in the clip above Spolsky talks about when it's right to bootstrap a startup versus taking venture cash. In his mind, there are Ben & Jerry's types of businesses and Amazon types of businesses. The first one is a slog, builds slowly, and is better done as a bootstrapped startup. But if there is a land grab going on?as there is right now in Q&A; and expert sites?then the venture route can help a startup get big as fast as possible.
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  • How Do You Get Over The Fear Of Quitting Your Job To Start A Startup? - Quora
    Quora discussion on how to get started
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  • How Great Entrepreneurs Think
    Think Inside the (restless, curious, eager) minds of highly accomplished company builders.
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  • 7 Questions VCs Will Ask You, What They Really Mean, And How You Can Answer Them
    There is a certain psychology to fund raising. Here are seven questions VCs ask, what they really mean, and how you can answer them:
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  • What We Look For In Founders
    What does funding agencies look for in a founder ...
    What We Look For In Founders
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  • Candid Entrepreneur Interviews Plus Business Tips
    Get business tips from experienced, proven entrepreneurs on Mixergy.
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  • Top Ten Legal Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs
    The life of a startup can be precarious, a wrong turn disastrous. Harvard Business School professor Constance Bagley discusses the most frequent legal flops made by entrepreneurs, everything from hiring the wrong lawyer to puffing up the business plan.
    Top Ten Legal Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs
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  • Documents - 20 Steps On Your Way To Opening Day
    Documents and steps to starting your own company.
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  • ChartBoost, Running A Modern Startup On PHP
    Running a Modern Startup on PHP In the modern world of agile startups and silicon valley, the buzz is all about Ruby, Python, and whatever the latest cool programming language or framework to come out...
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