How To Code In HTML

  • Introduction To HTML
    Read through the article to get a brief introduction to HTML. What it is and how it works.
    Introduction To HTML
    STEP : article

  • HTML Getting Started
    Before getting a text editor this page will let you start with the basics and try out some coding right away.
    HTML Getting Started
    STEP : article

  • HTML Basic Tags
    A brief introduction of HTML tags, just to start you out with the very basic tags.
    HTML Basic Tags
    STEP : article

  • HTML Tag Formatting
    This HTML tutorial for beginning web developers walks you through the most often used HTML tags, shows you how they are used, and tells you which tags have gone the way of the dinosaur.
    HTML Tag Formatting
    STEP : article

  • HTML Elements
    This discusses HTML syntax.
    HTML Elements
    STEP : article

  • HTML Attributes
    Learn about attributes like ID and Class, which we will later use to style them using CSS.
    HTML Attributes
    STEP : article

  • HTML Headings
    This will explain Headings and how they are used on web pages and why they are important.
    HTML Headings
    STEP : article

  • HTML Paragraphs
    This is one of the most used tags, the

    paragraph tag.

    HTML Paragraphs
    STEP : article

  • HTML Text Formatting
    This will explain inline formatting you can use in HTML, but beware, later on we will ditch these tags and use CSS to do our formatting, but it is good to know these exist. There are some cases where these can still be useful.
    HTML Text Formatting
    STEP : article

  • HTML Styles
    This will wet your apatite for styles, but these are what is know as \inline\" styles. Once you learn CSS"
    HTML Styles
    STEP : article

  • HTML Links
    One of the most important tags, the link tag, with out it the internet wouldn't be what it is, it is the backbone of the internet and what makes it up... Links!
    HTML Links
    STEP : article

  • HTML Images
    One of the most important tags in HTML is the image tag, without it the Internet would just be text, like it was in the 80's. This tag is most famous for introducing a visual experience to the Internet and the most notorious uses of the web... I am sure you know what I am referring to. :0
    HTML Images
    STEP : article

  • HTML Tables
    Tables used to be used for design, but that was because that is all we had to format and design web pages in the 90's, but they are only used now to display data, nothing else. You will most likely not use tables that much on your web pages, but they are still useful and you should know about them, in case you need to display tabular data.
    HTML Tables
    STEP : article

  • HTML Lists
    Lists are very important to learn, and incorporated with CSS they are used in a multitude of ways when designing and coding up a web page. In fact, most navigation uses lists now. Make sure you have a handle on lists because you will use them very often.
    HTML Lists
    STEP : article

  • HTML Forms And Input
    The form tag and input tag are what makes entering information into a web page possible. There are several input fields like radio buttons, check boxes, text fields, and text areas where you can write comments, and buttons to send the info away.
    HTML Forms And Input
    STEP : article

  • HTML Frames
    Frames are barely used any more, but it is good to know they exist. There may be a reason to use them, and they are still used in special cases today, but don't worry too much about them.
    HTML Frames
    STEP : article

  • HTML Iframes
    These are a little more common than standard frames, but still hardly used anymore. Most likely you will never use these on a site, but as always still good to know about hem.
    HTML Iframes
    STEP : article

  • HTML Colors
    Colors on a web page is a very deep subject and could be it's own playlist, so this is just a brief introduction to hexadecimal color codes used on web pages.
    HTML Colors
    STEP : article

  • HTML Color Names
    More detail on colors on the web.
    HTML Color Names
    STEP : article

  • HTML Color Values
    This is a list of web safe web color codes. For more in depth Internet color theory see a future web color playlist.
    HTML Color Values
    STEP : article

  • HTML Beginner Review
    A review of everything learned in the basic HTML playlist.
    HTML Beginner Review
    STEP : article

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Description: A beginner's guide to writing HTML starting with the basics and moving into the formatting of the code to make it ready to style using CSS. You must learn HTML first before moving into CSS. Although some might want to learn both at the same time it is best to first learn HTML, get the basics down and the formatting un-styled before moving on to style sheets. Form follows Function. We will be skipping over a lot of the old HTML 4.1 tags and practices and moving into HTML 5 as it is becoming the new standard.

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