How To Dress For A Job Interview

  • What To Wear For A Job Interview
    Whether your next job interview is a big success or a huge disappointment could rely on how you look and what you wear.
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  • Dress For Success
    Advice from an HR Exec and a Fashion Rep on dressing for success. Great tips for an interview and when you get the job
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  • How To Dress For An Interview By Industry
    What to wear to an interview depends on your industry and the job you're pursuing. Here's a primer on how you should look by career area.
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  • How To Dress For An Interview On A Budget HACE
    Tips for Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck Everyone knows you should look your best for an interview, but what if you can't afford -- or can't fit into your old -- fancy work clothes? Not to worry. We've got some cost-conscious tips for pulling together stylish, interview-worthy outfits.
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  • How To Do Your Makeup For An Interview!
    Less is more! When it comes to doing your makeup for an interview follow the tips in this article. Remember if you think it might be to much it most likely is!
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  • Hair And Your Interview
    Your hair plays a part in the interview process. How to do it up without over-doing it.
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  • How To Dress In Style For Every Job Interview Video
    How to Dress in Style For Every Job Interview - Going in for a job interview is nerve-racking enough as is, and the last thing you want to worry about is your outfit! So today, we’ve styled three looks perfect for a corporate or creative job interview. If your unsure of the dress code, we’ve got a great ensemble that gives a hint of personality while still keeping it professional.
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  • What To Wear To A Job Interview
    Craig Stokes makes it easy for you to understand what to wear to a job interview in this episode of Style Minute.
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  • How To Tie A Tie
    Lets learn to Tie a Tie! Practice a couple of times before the day of the interview!
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Description: How you dress for an interview is your first impression with your possible new employer. Make it matter and do your research.

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Krystal Marquez Krystal Marquez

October 25

First Impressions matter! Thanks for the help.

When really thinking about how to dress for an interview this playlist played a huge role in helping me prepare a friend for an interview. The one article from Monster that talks about the different types of ways to dress for an interview was helpful to spell it out. Another tip is to actually visit where you are interviewing before your big day, so you can see how they look and imagine yourself in that environment. You have one shot at the first impression.

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