How To Home Brew Beer

  • What Is Beer?
    Beer can be one of two things; a lager or an ale, but there are countless variations within those two categories.
    What Is Beer?
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  • Basic Beer Ingredients
    Yeast, Hops, Malted Barley, and Water are the four substances you need to make beer. There are numerous variations of those four ingredients, which are used to make certain styles of beer.
    Basic Beer Ingredients
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  • Why Homebrew?
    Brewing your own beer is a great hobby, can be cost effective, and has a fellowship with other beer enthusiasts.
    Why Homebrew?
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  • Basic Preparation Philosophy
    Preparation, sanitation, and good record keeping are three important things to keep in mind when home brewing.
    Basic Preparation Philosophy
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  • Locate Local Breweries
    Find a local brewery or brewpub. Also, create your own beer trip!
    Locate Local Breweries
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  • Equipment
    Standard beginner equipment kit.
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  • List Of Additional Equipment
    Additional equipment you may need for brewing the perfect beer.
    List Of Additional Equipment
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  • Beginner Ingredient Kit
    One of these kits has all the ingredients you need to make a 5 gallon batch of homebrew.
    Beginner Ingredient Kit
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  • Getting Organized On Brew Day
    Being organized when brewing is important. Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, use the sanitizing and cleaning checklist, and be sure you have a clear workspace.
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  • Why Sanitation?
    It is good to start sanitizing equipment just before the boil ends.
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  • How To Sanitize
    How to clean your plastic, glass, copper, brass, stainless steel, and aluminum equipment.
    How To Sanitize
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  • How To Sanitize Part 2
    All Equipment used in brewing must be clean and free from oil and soap residues. All equipment that touches your beer after the boil must also be sanitized.
    How To Sanitize Part 2
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  • Yeast Preparation
    Wyeast is my recommended brand for beginners, because of the ease of use and quality.
    Yeast Preparation
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  • Steeping Grains
    One of the first steps which imparts flavor and color before adding malt.
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  • Beginning The Boil
    Step by step on the boiling process.
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  • The Boiling Process
    Boiling tips while you are waiting...
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  • Adding The Hops
    Once the hot break occurs (see previous step) add the hops. Be careful that the wort does not boil over and continue boiling for remainder of the hour.
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  • Video Of Boil Process
    Video of the Boil Process. Shows a slightly different way to do things.
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  • Easy Method For Chilling Wort
    After boiling it is important to cool the wort quickly. Rapid cooling forms the Cold Break.
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  • Chilling Wort
    The faster you cool the wort from boiling to 70 degrees the better.
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  • Fermentation Vessel
    This article describes the differences of using buckets versus carboys as your fermentation vessels. Also the differences in airlocks and blowoff hoses.
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  • Original Gravity Reading
    The gravity reading tests the amount of sugar available for the yeast to eat and produce flavor and alcohol. The video shows you how to do this and what equipment you will need.
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  • Transferring Wort
    The wort should be be cool before transferring from the kettle to the fermenter.
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  • Setting Up Primary Fermenter
    After wort is cooled transfer to the primary then and add the yeast.
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  • Pitching The Yeast
    Pitching (activating) the yeast.
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  • Simple Aeration Of Wort
    You must introduce oxygen into the chilled wort to help the yeast get to work. This video shows the simplest way.
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  • Storage Of Fermenting Beer
    Hurry up and wait! Place the fermenter in a protected area that has a stable temperature between 65-75F. Good places are closets, basements, or a spare bathroom if you have one. Maintain a consistent temperature if possible. Temperatures below 55-60F will cause ale yeast to go into hibernation and slow or stop the fermentation process.
    Storage Of Fermenting Beer
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  • Fermentation Time Lapse
    Time lapse of what the fermentation cycle looks like.
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  • Transferring Beer To Secondary Fermenter
    Transfer the beer from the first fermenter to a secondary fermenter. It then stays in the secondary for about 2 weeks before it is ready to bottle. Always remember to sanitize first!
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  • Final Gravity Reading
    Testing to see if the beer is ready to be bottled. You do not want to bottle the beer if there is too much carbonation.
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  • Preparing To Bottle Part 1
    This video shows the equipment needed to bottle your beer. Be sure to clean and sanitize your bottles and all bottling equipment.
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  • Preparing To Bottle Part 2
    After the bottles and equipment are cleaned and sanitized it's time to bottle your beer boil the priming sugar. Add directly to the bottling bucket.
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  • Racking Beer To Your Bottling Bucket
    The video demonstrates how to start a siphon- don't use your mouth! Want to see some yeast and hop residue along the sides of the secondary fermenter. You do not want all of this in your bottles!
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  • Bottling And Capping
    Finally! It's time to bottle the beer, cap it, and .... wait two weeks to taste. It's tough to wait, especially if it's your very first batch, but it might be flat. Good luck!
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Tom Downey

October 30

Ummmm Beer.

The cause of and solution to all of life's problems.

James Geary

November 2, 2010

A fun new hobby

Great playlist, I love beer even more now that I am learning how to make my own!

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