• How To Prepare For An Interview
    Prepare for an interview by researching the company, doing a test drive to the interview site, reviewing the qualifications and practicing with a friend.
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  • Interview Checklist For Success HACE
    You've landed an interview for that job you either really want or really need. No doubt, they will be interviewing many candidates for the position. Here is a quick checklist to keep in mind.
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  • Interview Dos And Don'ts
    Watch this video to learn how to ace your next job interview.
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  • How To Be Calm In A Job Interivew
    Learn how to relax and be calm in a job interivew and avoid those nervous interview jitters
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  • Interview Tips: Tell Me About Yourself
    A woman, interviewing for a pharmaceutical sales position, answers the common interview question: Tell me about yourself. This is an example of a GOOD way to answer this question.
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  • 100 Potential Interview Questions
    Job interview questions can be tough. You probably won't face all 100 of these, but being ready to answer all of them will help you prepare for your interview.
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  • Three Questions To Ask During An Interview
    Have you thought about what questions you should ask a potential employer? Here's a few seed questions that can reveal aspects of the job and the company you might not otherwise get.
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    Here are some additional tips to look over! Remember be prepared!
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  • Seven Pointers For Group Interviews HACE
    A multiple-person interview may seem more nerve-racking than a one-on-one meeting, but it's a prime opportunity to showcase your strong leadership, communication and teamwork skills. Here are some tips to help you shine:
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  • What To Do After The Job Interview
    Learn what to after the job interview including sending thank you notes and following up with expert interviewing tips in this online career related video clip.
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  • Sample Thank You Letters HACE
    Job-seekers must send a thank-you letter right after you've been on a job interview. At the very latest, send thank-you or follow-up letters by mail within 24 hours of an interview. You may even want to ensure that the interviewer has your thank-you.
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  • 7 Secrets For A Smarter Job Search
    Executive recruiter Kathryn Ullrich tells job seekers what recruiters want from applicants.
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Description: Best practices for a strong interview.

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Stephen G Barr

November 17

This is one of the most important subjects!

If all you learn here is this one subject then you will have learned something that will get you a good paying job. One thing to remember about creating your resume or CV is that it's never over and that it's much easier to keep updating it as you go so you're not left with having to recreate it several times throughout your entire career. The editors have done a wonderful job with this one!

Kristin MMarie Kristin MMarie

October 30

Helpful tip for all, including students!

This has been a helpful tool to students in local colleges as they are preparing for job interviews. Each video is worth watching and will be refreshers, but very valuable. Remember you have one first impressions, so study up, practice and have fun!

Great help for this upcoming school year!

Coming up to graduation this playlist has been super insightful and helpful as to prepping me and my friends for possible interviews.

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