How To Make A Duck Tape Wallet

  • How To Make A Duct Tape Wallet
    A duct tape wallet is an easy craft and creative gift idea that dads will love.
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  • Make A Duct Tape Wallet
    The makers of Duck® brand Duct Tape show you, step by step, how to make a duct tape wallet. This project is great for beginner to intermediate duct tape crafters
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  • Sticking Duct Tape Together Effectively
    As requested by several people, this is a mini tutorial on how to stick tape together without creases or air bubbles. Enjoy the mini tutorial series!
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  • Tools And Workstation
    This is a mini tutorial showing all of the tools that I use when working with tape. Enjoy and please sub!
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  • Brand Tape
    As requested, this mini tutorial goes into all the colors that brand tape makes as well as the price of the tape and where I get it. Enjoy all the tape!
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  • Duct Tape Woven Wallet
    Finally the woven wallet tutorial is here! Have fun making a woven wallet and check out my other videos.
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  • Duct Tape &Tuxedo; Wallet
    This is the next major tutorial on Ducttapestuff and on how to make the other famous wallet from my last Collections video, the Tuxedo wallet!
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  • Hidden Pockets In Duct Tape Wallets - YouTube
    This is the next mini tut on Ducttapestuff on how to make three different kinds of hidden pockets in duct tape wallets. Enjoy!
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Description: A wallet is more than just a money holder—it’s a fashion statement! Follow the directions below to complete this fun craft. Whether it’s a gift for Dad, or your own personal bank account, a homemade, colorful duct tape wallet is durable, creative and flat-out cool

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