Intro To Starcraft Part I: A Complete Beginner Aproach

  • StarCraft II Gameplay Overview
    An overview of StarCraft II's gameplay narrated by the Terran Adjutant.
    STEP : video

  • What's An RTS? Part 1
    Great overview of Starcraft II and how Real Time Strategy games work. Primer to the gameplay and vocabulary of Starcraft 2
    STEP : video

  • What's An RTS? Part 2
    Great run through and primer to the gameplay and vocabulary of Starcraft 2
    STEP : video

  • Unit & Army Movement
    How to move your guys around.
    STEP : video

  • Rally Points
    Any building you have for units, this is where completed unit points go, to Rally Points.
    STEP : video

  • Economy Boosts
    Each race has a different way to boost their economy.
    STEP : video

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Created by: 5 editors Views: 721 Steps: 6 Learners: 7 Updated: December 3, 2011

Description: Comprehensive guide covering the game and basics to intermediate skill including videos and all the information necessary to dive right into StarCraft II.

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Kris Chinosorn Kris Chinosorn

October 30, 2011

Great Start, Needs Work

Have been playing SC since the first day it came out! SC2 has been rough for me though to catch up....amazing how it's turned into a virtual sport.

This is a great start to the playlist but needs to go more in depth for each area of skill. This a good overview for beginners of the areas you should be aware of to improve your game.

Start off with Micro & Macro management and work out your weak spots. Then it's all about muscle-memory once you figure out your hotkeys.

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