Learn PHP Programming

  • Easy Way To Set Up A Webserver For Development
    WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is a popular installation package which contains all the necessary pieces you need to get a quick webserver up and running on your computer for development. If you are running Linux instead of Windows then you'll be using a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. There are a lot of configuration options but the default options are fine if you're just starting out.
    Easy Way To Set Up A Webserver For Development
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  • PHP Introduction
    PHP is the most popular scripting language on the web, and the reason for that is how easy it makes it to create dynamic websites quickly. Before you begin you should have some basic HTML and programming knowledge.
    PHP Introduction
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  • PHP Syntax
    Here you'll learn how to comment your code, how to integrate PHP with your HTML code, and basic PHP syntax.
    PHP Syntax
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  • Hello World! Your First PHP Script
    Whenever learning a new programming language you always start your first program with displaying \Hello World!\" on the screen. It's the law :-)"""
    Hello World! Your First PHP Script
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  • What Are Variables?
    A variable is a holder for a type of data. So, based on its type, a variable can hold numbers, strings, booleans, objects, resources or it can be NULL. It's basically the same concept as a variable in algebra...remember algebra, right?
    What Are Variables?
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  • Strings
    Learn what a string is, how to manipulate them, and the different functions PHP provides.
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  • Operators
    PHP provides different operators you can use to combine variables together, similar to algebra, except it's not just mathematical operators. Most people don't use the bit-wise operators.
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  • If/Else Statements
    Understanding how to make decisions in your program is fundamental to making it more functional. If/Else statements are just like a decision box in a flow chart - it will take you down a different path of code depending on a condition.
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  • Switch Statements
    The switch statement is very powerful and allows you to condense a large if/else statement into an easier to digest statement.
    Switch Statements
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  • 4 Types Of Loop Statements
    Learn how to work with PHP loops. They include \for loops\"", \""while loops\"""
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  • Functions
    Functions are the first step before getting into OOP (Object Oriented Programming). In this tutorial you will learn about all the different types of PHP functions there are.
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  • Including Files
    This will show you how to achieve page includes with PHP in order to simplify duplicating code across many files.
    Including Files
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Created by: 3 editors Views: 850 Steps: 12 Learners: 10 Updated: October 30, 2011

Description: Introduction how to develop dynamic websites with PHP.

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Vince Leung Vince Leung

October 30, 2011

Great language, easy to pick up

There's been tons of debate on whether to use PHP or other language du jour (ie. Ruby On Rails). Any language has its pros and cons but PHP is a great language since its super easy to learn and find great tutorials/support on the web. This Playlist gives you a good intro on common programming concepts in PHP examples. I didn't have time to add any object oriented stuff in here so feel free to add on. Ping me if you have any questions, I'll try to help out.

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