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  • Crain's Chicago Business April 15, 2012
    Culture shock: Can tech startups move their creative mindsets downtown?
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  • Conversation With Vince WizIQ April 6th, 2012
    Join Chris from WiZiQ and Vince on Friday at 10:00am EDT to hear more "about e-learning and ways to use tools like MentorMob to ensure that online students have as good or better experiences than those in brick and mortar classrooms."
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  • THE Journal March 29, 2012
    Mar. 29, 2012 - A new Web 2.0 service facilitates compilation of learning playlists containing links to articles and videos that educators can make available to their students and others.
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  • Motorola, MentorMob Team With Girl Scouts On App Project March 26, 2012
    A handful of local organizations have joined forces to launch a new program to teach Chicago-area Girl Scouts how to build Android mobile applications.
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  • MentorMob Joins Catapult Chicago Mar. 13, 2012
    MentorMob Joins Start-Up Incubator Catapult Chicago
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  • Top 10 Sites For Curating The Web Mar. 7, 2012
    The Resource for Education Technology Leaders focusing on K-12 educators. Site contains a Software Reviews Database, articles from Technology & Learning Magazine, articles from Educators in Educators' eZine, Event and Contest listings, Reader suggested Web sites, and weekly news updates on education technology leaders.
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  • Netted: Working Class Mar. 6, 2012
    Netted subscribers have a seemingly universal problem. You’re too damn smart. Here with an outlet for you pent up genus is MentorMob. The crowd-sourced
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  • Turns Textbooks To Playlists Mar. 6, 2012
    Kris Chinosorn loves online learning but hates toggling between windows, so he created MentorMob, a site that allows users to curate their own learning playbooks.
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  • ESchool News Feb 22, 2012
    MentorMob helps teachers aggregate online content into a learning playlists
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  • CTRL-ALT DELiver Podcast Feb. 15, 2012
    CTRL-ALT-DELiver 20 looks at Learning with a crowd at MentorMob and World Read Aloud Day
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  • StartupTunes Feb. 14, 2012
    Cut Out Internet Junk, Search for Relevant Content
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  • Mashable - Superbowl Jan. 31, 2012
    Are These the 10 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials Ever?
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  • The Washington Post Jan. 20, 2012
    The two things to keep in mind when turning an idea into a successful business - Vince Leung
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  • Edudemic Jan. 16, 2012
    MentorMob featured in Edudemic! Education and Technology connecting.
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  • TechLearning: Jan 11, 2012
    The Resource for Education Technology Leaders focusing on K-12 educators.
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  • Slidecast: MentorMob Jan 7, 2012
    insideSTARTUPS: Startup news for tomorrow's Entrepreneur
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  • VentureBeat Jan. 7, 2012
    Want to know what to expect in the New Hampshire primary this coming week? Here's a nicely curated, Internet-powered playlist of links that will take you step-by-step through the Republican race to date, including info on each candidate, news items, speech videos, and cold, hard stats, to boot.
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  • Young Upstarts Jan 6, 2012
    Chicago-based startup MentorMob ( is a free, community-based collaborative service that aims to aggregate and organize the best online educational content on any topic, so it's easier to find.
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  • The Iowa Caucus: Going Social In 2012 Jan. 2, 2012
    Watch the latest politics, entertainment and breaking news videos at MentorMob talking about the election going social!
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  • What's Ahead Dec. 31: Political Playlists Dec 31, 2011
    Political playlist: Since 1972, the Iowa first-in-the-nation precinct caucuses have been the first major electoral event of the nominating process for president. Now they’re getting a 21st Century treatment from, which also offers “how-to” guides for brewing beer, fantasy basketball, healthy eating, buying a wedding dress and writing a resume.
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  • See Playlists For Learning Dec 30, 2011
    So here enters the picture, as a community powered web tool that will organize the best information to learn about any given topic.
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  • TNW Dec 29, 2011
    Everyone learns things differently, but it has become common practice to simply Google something you are curious about. While the search giant does a pretty good job bubbling up individual articles of information, it doesn’t give us the whole story about the topic we’re interested in.
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  • VIP Version Of The Internet Dec. 26, 2011
    MentorMob - Information is more accessible today than ever before, but even with the world at our fingertips and 24/7 access to experts everywhere.
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  • The New Start-up Scene: Forbes Dec 19, 2011
    Silicon Valley has long been known as the high-tech start-up capital of the world. But just as “silicon” has come to mean more than just hardware, the start-up scene is no longer confined to one region.
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  • Losing It And Loving It Dec. 16, 2011
    Here are some fun finds for this week!
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  • MentorMob TINC Magazine Dec. 9, 2011
    Featured 12/9/11 MentorMob provides a platform to curate the best online content to learn any topic, to go through in a step-by-step format.
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  • Fox's Real Milwaukee Dec 9, 2011
    MentorMob's own Vince Leung and Kris Chinosorn on Fox 6 Now Milwaukee
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  • Technori Pitch - Dec. 7, 2011
    Technori is a celebration of Chicago entrepreneurship. We write about the most creative and interesting businesses in Chicago and provide a level of in-depth coverage unseen before. November 2011 Recap by Rachel Hyman - Technori - Chicago Startups - Celebrating Chicago Entrepreneurs
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  • Nov. 22, 2011
    Fresh from its official public launch, MentorMob has declared that the “race to disrupt education is on.” Organization in online learning is the goal. 
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  • KnowledgeShift, Nov. 22, 2011
    Allison and I had the pleasure of interviewing Vince Leung, founder of MentorMob. This is a new platform that allows anyone to develop training programs based upon a collection of resources that someone collects from different links or documents that are available online. MentorMob allows you to search for existing training programs or build your own. This tool is free with the option of choosing a premium version of this. I see this as another authoring tool and makes a lot of sense for building a lesson or training program with existing content elements.
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  • 190 Cyber Surf - Nov. 21, 2011
    Using search engines to sift through the massive amounts of disorganized and untrustworthy content on the internet can be frustrating, but this week's 190 Cyber Surf,, eliminates the clutter!
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  • Nov. 20, 2011
    Driven by crowd aggregation of internet content, MentorMob's user-submitted ‘learning playlists’ are capable of teaching web surfers about virtually any subject, from photography and graphic design to science and history.
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  • Examiner Nov. 15, 2011
    Chicago Startup Spotlight: MentorMob Goes Live to Power Easier Online Learning Dirk McCoy, Chicago Startup Business Examiner
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  • Built In Chicago - Nov 11, 2011
    Built In Chicago is a resource for "digital professionals" working to build great web and mobile businesses. Our mission is to connect, educate and promote the growing digital community in Chicago.
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  • Nov 10, 2011
    We are featured as one of the websites.
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  • WiredAcademic Nov 10, 2011
    Earlier this week, we covered startup MentorMob’s launch. Since “mentor” is in the name, we only thought it fitting to discuss the school and academic uses. We talk with Vince Leung, MentorMob COO and co-founder, about their place in academic education.
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  • Columbia Chronicle Nov 7, 2011
    Somewhere buried beneath 12 Internet browser tabs lies the user’s long-lost, original intention of commanding a computer to hum life. Several hours and many later, an exasperated sigh comes from typical, modern-day Web surfer. If only there was quicker way catch best waves in infinite website sea.
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  • Vindicator Nov 5, 2011
    Poland-native-helps-build-how-to-website MentorMob Youngstown local news
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  • WiredAcademic Nov 4, 2011
    Startup Mentormob Wants to be Your Education Content Aggregator Independent news source & thought center for the online education community.
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  • Nov 4, 2011
    You can view this piece by purchasing or scrolling quickly through the article. launched this week, aiming to teach you a few things for free. The website offers playlists for hobbies or interests, ranging from grilling and knitting to playing guitar or golfing. It gathers together everything you may need on a topic into one spot, saving you time from doing extensive online searches. It also encourages users to be part of the community, to add their own knowledge and to participate in discussions.
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  • Tech And Learning Nov 4, 2011 launched today to help people learn virtually anything by providing a repository of cultivated, crowd-sourced educational content organized into step-by-step instruction. The Resource for Education Technology Leaders focusing on K-12 educators. Site contains a Software Reviews Database, articles from Technology & Learning Magazine, articles from Educators in Educators' eZine, Event and Contest listings, Reader suggested Web sites, and weekly news updates on education technology leaders.
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  • MarketWatch Nov 3, 2011
    Free, Community-based Service Aggregates the Best Online Videos, Content on Any Topic to Create Step-by-Step How-to Courses
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  • Learning | Inc. Technology Nov 2, 2011
    MentorMob Wants to Be the Pandora of Learning It's a free tool that uses crowdsourcing to aggregate and organize online educational content, such as YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, content, and more, into step-by-step how-to courses. Posted on NOVEMBER 2, 2011 by Christina DesMarais
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  • Nov 1, 2011
    MentorMob's collaborative platform provides a structured system for learning, with each topical category—known as a Mob—maintained by Mentors. Less formal than the online instruction typically provided by schools and private learning companies, MentorMob topics can range from how to play a guitar to how to conduct scientific experiments—virtually any subject a Mob's members feel passionate about. Due to the collaborative nature of the platform the content continually grows and improves, similar to Wikipedia.The award-winning, free, community-powered service aggregates the best educational content from across the web and organizes it into easy-to-follow, step-by-step Playlists that help anyone learn anything.
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  • NEWS.GNOM.ES Nov 1, 2011
    MentorMob Launches to Help Anyone Learn Anything Through the Power of Crowdsourcing National Newswire - News.GNOM.ES
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  • Thrillist Nov 1, 2011
    MentorMob Making you better at everything Thrillist unearths all that's new, unknown or under-appreciated in your area.
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  • StartUp Beat Oct 31, 2011
    Only the most innovative technology startups!: Featured Startup Pitch: MentorMob—Crowdsourcing online education and learning through ‘Learning Playlists’.
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  • Fast Company Oct 31, 2011
    "We Want To Be The Pandora Of Learning" BY DAVID ZAX So says the co-founder of MentorMob, which turns educational content on the web into step-by-step "playlists."
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  • MORE Magazine Oct 31, 2011
    MentorMob Aims to Make Online Learning a Breeze New website culls info from the Internet and puts it in step-by-step form. By Lesley Kennedy • Reporter
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  • VatorNews Oct 31, 2011
    MentorMob launches as educational content aggregator. The platform allows anyone to create a course by pulling content from anywhere on the Web by Faith Merino on October 31, 2011.
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  • Crain's Chicago Business October 25, 2011
    MentorMob was featured in the New in Chicago blog post by Crain's Chicago Business. Launch date announced for the first time... still a secret for everyone else!
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    "EDUKWEST #76 with Kris Chinosorn & Vince Leung of MentorMob" EDUKWEST is on the search for better education. Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at and the future of learning at Disrupt Education.
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  • Sassy CEO OCTOBER 18, 2011
    "TEACHING THE WORLD TO FISH ONE USER AT A TIME" MentorMob, a new social enterprise in Chicago that is focused around lifelong learning, is launching at the end of October 2011. Erin and Kristin gave a preview of the site.
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  • NBC Chicago AUG 31, 2011
    "Learning Through Crowdsourcing with MentorMob" MentorMob was featured in INC.Well blog - A how-to blog for Chicago Business - NBC
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  • Big Think August 25, 2011
    "The Answers are Out There - What We need are the Questions" Every idea on Big Think comes from our ever-growing network of 2,000 Big Think fellows and guest speakers, who comprise the top thinkers and doers from around the globe. Disrupt Education. Big Think
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  • Startup America Partnership AUG 02, 2011
    “Step 0 To Becoming An Entrepreneur" The Startup America Partnership is: - A movement by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs - launched January 31, 2011, at the White House to help inspire and celebrate entrepreneurs, their firms and the people that join them.
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  • - CEO Sundays July 31, 2011
    "Step 0" To Becoming An Entrepreneur " features start-up stories from around Chicago every Sunday. Innovation Everywhere! Vince was able to tell his story: "Step 0" To Becoming An Entrepreneur.
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  • JULY 28, 2011
    Learning Through People-Powered Playlists At MentorMob, - CEO Sundays
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  • - CEO Sundays July 17, 2011
    "From Retail to Startups" features start-up stories from around Chicago every Sunday. Innovation Everywhere! Kristin was able to tell her story.
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  • Crain's Weekly Silicon City Post May 24, 2011
    Silicon City: MentorMob Creates Playlists For Learning Crain's weekly "Silicon City" post, written by contributor Steve Hendershot, spotlights MentorMob, a recent honoree at the ITA's CityLights awards ceremony. Here's an excerpt from Steve's Q&A; with MentorMob founder Kris Chinosorn.
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  • 12th Annual ITA CityLIGHTS Awards May 19, 2011
    The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) is honored to announce the winners of the 2011 ITA CityLIGHTS Awards.   MentorMob was the 2011 Winner of the New Concept Award!
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  • ITA Spotlight: MentorMob May 18, 2011
    ITA Spotlight: MentorMob,12th Annual ITA CityLIGHTS Awards ITA New Concept award winners - MentorMob The ITA - Fostering the success of member companies ITA programs and events are designed to accelerate the growth of our member companies
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  • The Junior League Of Chicago March 26, 2011
    MentorMob was the training team to teach Windy City Nights' JLC members the game of Poker through our Learning Playlist and also Mentorship.
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  • RedEye March 3, 2011
    The MentorMob team was able to attend the Burton/Red Eye Ski Trip held in March. The team showed off their skiing and snowboarding skills that they learned on MentorMob during the trip up to Wisconsin!
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  • YouTube - MentorMob Team Video
    Who we are! Meet the team behind MentorMob. We need an updated team video to include Jeff Eiden and Adam Croft. Thank you for all the passion, drive and support from our family and friends!
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  • MidVenturesLAUNCH Sept 28, 2010
    MentorMob was selected to be a "COMPETE Startup" at the midVentures LAUNCH event Sept 27-28, 2010 here in Chicago.
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  • TechCrunch Disrupt Sept 27, 2010
    TechCrunch was held in San Francisco on Sept 27-29, 2010. MentorMob was one of the two alternates chosen. This was the start of it all!
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  • For All Of Our Supporters!
    THANK YOU! This would not be possible without all of your support!
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Jim C D

January 2

great press for a deserved site !!

awesome press info ! full steam ahead !!
keep the playlists coming bring it on !!!

Vince Leung Vince Leung

November 22, 2011

Some really good press

I'm pretty impressed with the press we've received so far - from CBS to ABC to Fast Company.

George Alexandrov George Alexandrov

November 1, 2011

Great Idea

I think this was a great idea to put all our press in a playlist! And I find it helpful in this format because everything is in ONE PLACE.

Kristin MMarie Kristin MMarie

October 31, 2011

What a ride!

Thank you to everyone for your support...


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