Repair Or Fix A Flat Tire

  • Locate The Supplies
    The spare tire and wrench are usually in the compartment in the trunk.
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  • Take Out Supplies
    Open the trunk and take out a spare tire, leverage pipe, jack, lug-nut wrench and (if it's dark out) flashlight.
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  • Remove The Hubcap
    Remove the hubcap (if necessary) with a screwdriver.
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  • How To Jack Up A Car
    When all the nuts are loose, jack up the car, making sure the jack is vertical and well planted on the hard surface of the road (do not jack up a car on sand or dirt).
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  • Tighten The Lug Nuts
    Tighten the lug nuts by turning clockwise (see A). Use a crisscross or star pattern so the wheel doesn't go on cockeyed (see B).
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  • Drive To Tire Shop After Removing Chock
    Remove the chock, then drive to a tire shop. Most shops can fix flats while you wait, and it's usually inexpensive. Here is a well known place to help.
    Drive To Tire Shop After Removing Chock
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Description: Easy step by step ways to fix a flat tire.

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Erin - Community Manager

November 12, 2010


I always go back to this playlist around pot hole season, just in case! The videos are straightforward and have good tips!


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