• How To Score Higher On The SAT
    Learn how to score higher on the SAT by following the practical advice in these tips.
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  • How To Study For The SAT
    Succeeding on the SAT isn't just about what you know, but also about how you approach the test. Study the test to be prepared.
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  • The SAT: A Primer
    This article also gives you general info about the SAT. This will give you and idea of what to expect when you have to test.
    The SAT: A Primer
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  • SAT - College Board - The Most Widely Used College Admission Exam
    The SAT is the nation's??s most widely used college admission exam. Learn more about how the SAT can help you show colleges what you know and what you know you can do.
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  • How To Get SAT Scores
    Transcripts aren't the online thing universities and colleges want to see. Get your test scores and get all that paperwork done.
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Created by: 3 editors Views: 130 Steps: 5 Learners: 5 Updated: October 30

Description: Testing is not fun, the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you are prepared. This Learning Playlist has great advice, articles, videos and tools to help you prepare for SAT testing.

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Kristin MMarie Kristin MMarie

October 30

Helpful tips for something so critical for students.

The "step" (#4) from the college board, was super helpful. It has great links to sample SAT questions, tips, etc. I think that all high school students should be going through this playlist to help them prepare for the big step. The SAT is a tough test that only practice can help with. I remember how many times I went through courses and books before the test. Still not that great :(

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