• Selling Skills – Total Value Experience
    This DEMO module about sales techniques focuses on what a salesperson has to sell. A boss explains to his salesman, Peter, what Total Value Experience is, and indicates the reasons why people buy.
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  • The Best Way To Open A Sales Talk
    What is the best way to open a new sales talk? Do you start by saying how good your products and services are, or do you start with some small talk about the weather? Or is it better to start by introducing yourself? The first 30 seconds of a sales talk are crucial. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.This DEMO module will give you a number of tips and tricks to set the scene in a positive way, to raise your customer's attention and to kick off for a successful close.
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  • Test Your Selling Skills
    With this online assessment, you can determine if you have the necessary skills for successful selling. The test consists of 18 random multiple choice questions. These questions cover different phases of the sales process, from the first call to the closing of the deal.When you have submitted your answers, you'll get your final score, a list of strong and weak areas as well as recommendations for improvement.
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  • How To Close A Deal?
    A lot of sales people do a great job presenting their products and services, but when it comes to getting the signature, they lack "the guts". Often it is just a question of mastering and applying the right selling technique to close the deal. In this animated movie, we explain one successful closing technique.
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  • MySellingSkills - Channels - Explania
    This high-impact online e-learning course comprises 6 chapters covering the sales process from the opening conversation to the final closing. The e-learning is a powerful video animation 3-hour summary of a 3-day high-level Value Selling course.
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Description: Explania.com offers training videos on Selling Skills 101.

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Kristin MMarie Kristin MMarie

November 1

Awesome videos from Explania.com

Explania.com takes something "not so interesting" and turns it into a Must Watch! Enjoy the selling skills here...

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