What Is A Community Manager & What Do They Do?

  • What? Community Manager??
    This is a good explanation of what a Community Manager is, and the role they play within a business. It's also important to understand what a Community Manager is NOT. Scroll down to the bottom of this Bostino article for some startup related info! :)
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  • Average Salary $$
    Don't you just LOVE infographics?? This one clearly depicts how much a Community Manager makes, how often they work, and the type of experience most have. Enjoy!
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  • Hot Job! - MyCMGR
    Great blog post from Gwynne Monahan that explains how a business should evaluate the need for, and find a Community Manager. She also provides great advice for those aspiring to be a CMGR, including the importance of picking your desired industry and finding your role within the company.
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  • On Managing A Community
    "Depending on the organization, I imagine the role of a community manager would be different, so I’m going to walk through what the role might entail for a media and events company (like mine), and see what comes to mind." Chris Brogan
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  • 5 Features For A Successful Community
    It's essential to give your community the tools they need so they keep expanding and communicating. This list gives you the 5 basic "features for a successful online community."
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  • 20 Minute Community Manager
    Interesting take on how to be a good community manager in just 20 minutes. Some will argue with this post, but the bottom line is the three actions this article suggests taking should absolutely be in your daily to-do list. Whether the stand alone, and are in a mix of other tasks.
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  • Make 'Em Feel Special!
    "The more valued a member of your community feels, the more likely they are to stick around and get involved. Here are some ways you can make members of your community feel special." - Community Spark
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  • Where Are The Calls To Action?
    Not seeing any actions taken within your beloved community? Users/members need direction and a reason to contribute. This article gives great advice on implementing call to actions.
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  • Blog - Extension Of Community
    "If your online community has a blog, make sure you use it as an extension of your community. Provide value and keep the spotlight on your members." - Community Spark
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Description: The Community Manager job position is becoming rapidly popular among businesses large and small. Since it's still new information to many (even businesses), now is the perfect time to become informed on what exactly a Community Manager is, and what they do for business! Please contribute as new articles/blog posts/videos are spread across the social sphere!

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Kristin MMarie Kristin MMarie

January 2

Community Manager - Love the organization!

Starting a little over a year ago in a Community Manager role was daunting and overwhelming. There were all of these great examples of communities and community managers... What was "I" supposed to do to help build a community off of a small team and no users? :)

It was great to search the web for examples from the passionate community manager experts, but searching took time. Love that this Learning Playlist has been started to make Community Manger's lives a little easier and more focused on their community (rather than searching) Excited to see what everyone adds!

My favorite step is #5 "Make Em Feel Special"! Remember to make everyone feel special... that is often times the difference between you and other companies.

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