What Is Yoga? And Beginners Poses

  • Ten Benefits Of Yoga
    Ten Benefits Of Yoga. Yoga class combines a series of asanas, or poses, in a low-impact form of exercise. Different types of yoga offer variety depending on your goals for the practice. Some forms, like ashtanga and vinyasa, emphasize a fast pace to move through the poses others, like restorative yoga, emphasize relaxation.
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  • Scientific Benefits Of Yoga
    Scientific Benefits Of Yoga. Yoga has become a popular form of exercise. Yoga offers many benefits, such as the ability to socialize with your friends, increase your flexibility or engage in quiet relaxation.
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  • What Are The Names Of Basic Yoga Positions?
    What Are The Names Of Basic Yoga Positions?. Yoga is one of six orthodox traditions of Indian philosophy. Part of yoga includes the practice of asanas, or poses. Basic yoga poses include seated, standing, backbending, inverted and relaxing positions. To avoid injury and to ensure proper alignment, begin your practice with an experienced yoga teacher.
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  • Yoga Downloads Online Yoga Pose Guide, Advanced Yoga And Basic Beginner Yoga Pose Pictures
    Yoga Pose Gallery from Yoga Download. View pictures of yoga poses (asanas) complete with pose descriptions, pose variations, pose modifications, and the benefits of each yoga pose.
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  • Yoga Postures
    This study card describes some of the fundamental yoga postures. The sequence can be performed in order.
    Yoga Postures
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  • Yoga Basics: Your Guide To Asanas, The Yoga Postures And Poses
    Visual guide to over 100 yoga poses with multiple color photographs and detailed descriptions.
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Description: This playlist introduces the benefits of yoga and provides an overview of the classic postures used in yoga practices.

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