How To Use MentorMob

  • What Is MentorMob?
    Learn what MentorMob is and what global mission we're striving to acheive!
    What Is MentorMob?
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  • Learning Playlist Tour
    Watch this video to be acquainted with our Learning Playlists. Built by you to teach a certain subject or interest, these playlists consist of online content such as videos, websites and online games. Playlists may also include personal files such as google docs, excel documents and powerpoints. Send any questions to the comment section, or email me at!
    Learning Playlist Tour
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  • The Browse Page: Our Public Playlist Library
    Check out our browse page for all the public playlists built by mentors, educators and lifelong learners around the world! You can share any of these playlists with friends, students and colleagues :)
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  • Sign Up For An Account
    Ready for your free MentorMob account?? This video tutorial will take you through the sign up process. Experiencing any issues? Email me at and we'll get you fixed up in a jiffy!
    Sign Up For An Account
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  • Profile Page & Saving Of Playlists
    Get to know your MentorMob profile page and learn how to 'Save' playlists to learn from later or share with others.
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  • How To Create A Playlist Pt 1
    Now it's time to create your own playlist! This video clearly explains each step of this process. Send any questions to the comments section in the bottom right or email me at!
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  • How To Create A Playlist Pt 2
    Now it's time to add content to your new playlist. Don't forget to incorporate quizzes!
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  • Edit A Playlist
    Need to make some changes to your playlist? Do this seamlessly by selecting the 'Edit Pencil' icon to the left of the 'Next' button. Watch the video tutorial for all of your edit options!
    Edit A Playlist
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  • Change Privacy Settings & Delete A Playlist
    You can change the privacy settings of your created playlists at anytime! Watch the video to learn how :)
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  • Interact With Others
    Want to get to know your fellow MentorMobbers better? Comment on their playlists and begin a conversation! You can also chat privately with others by sending them a direct message. Watch the video to learn how!
    Interact With Others
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  • How To Embed A Playlist
    Learn how to embed your playlists into your edmodo page. Similar processes used for embedding into your LMS or personal wiki page :)
    How To Embed A Playlist
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