Internal Training: Benefits Without The Heartaches

Cloud-based Content

MentorMob Pro's cloud-based architecture allows you to blend Internet and intranet articles, videos, PDFs, and more into Playlists.

Want to show off a Playlist? Thanks to our widget technology, it only takes seconds to embed a Playlist in your site.

Special Security Features

MentorMob Pro gives you the control you want with the freedom you need. Define security groups and add users to one or more as needed. Allow some users to view Playlists, while giving others the ability to edit them.

Impact Tracking

With MentorMob Pro, you see the impact your Playlists are having on participants. The User Dashboard shows in real time which playlists each person is learning, on which step of each Playlist they are, and much more.

Collaboration and Social Tools

With Mentor Mob Pro, peer-assisted learning is not a buzzword: it's in our product DNA. Learners connect, collaborate with, and coach peers. Playlist reviews provide vital feedback to editors.

Intuitive Playlist Editor

MentorMob's Learning Playlist lets you blend digital content from anywhere into a step-by-step sequence, and lets the user check off each step as they master it.

The Learning Playlist makes it easy and fast to meld internal and external blog posts, articles, videos and more into an experience that deepens and accelerates learning.

Administrator Dashboard

Our cloud-based architecture lets you manage MentorMob Pro from anywhere.

Sit on a beach in Bora Bora as you organize Playlists, review usage metrics, give a user the power to edit Playlists, and so on.

We believe MentorMob will achieve broader training distribution as well as higher skill levels. 'The better the overall experience the instructors have in learning, the more likely they are to promote better Wilton products in a retail store,' Mann said, 'It's a win-win situation for everybody.

Lee Mann, Director of Educational Marketing at Wilton Brands, Inc.

Find out what's under the hood of MentorMob Pro, as well as plans and pricing details.

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